Better Living

Planning & Building for Better Living

Welcome to NorthBridge Housing Solutions. This website is designed to introduce you to the agency and the services we provide families and elderly/disabled individuals throughout our community.

Working Partnership

We believe there is a lot more to public housing than brick and mortar. Thus, we have developed a working partnership with numerous businesses, religious, civic and governmental organizations that have been very generous with their time and resources to enhance the lifestyle of our residents. From education, to medical help, to recreation - dozens of volunteers and community service workers spend thousands of hours each year working to improve the lives of those living in our properties.

Our motto is, “we want to be a part of a community, not apart from the community.” This is a concept that runs deep in the heart of our management philosophy.

If the information you need is not on this website, please contact us at 501-758-8911. We consider it an honor and a privilege to serve you.